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Estate Litigation

Experienced Washington, D.C. and Maryland estate litigation attorney

Estate Litigation Skills Sharpened by Years of Practice

Wills, trusts, and estate plans - it's important to have them, and it's important to have them done right. You know how you want to distribute and dispose of your assets, but it is difficult to foresee things that might go wrong along the way. Wills get contested, guardianships get questioned, and conservatorships get challenged. At the Law Offices of George A. Teitelbaum, we have been in practice since 1983, and have many years of experience handling estate litigation issues. We are confident that whatever issues might come up regarding your probate or estate litigation, we have the experience and the skills needed to defend your interests in court. If you are facing an estate litigation issue, contact us. We will discuss your options and formulate a plan of action.

Our estate litigation practice includes:

Will contests: Relates typically to a will that is contested due to excessive or undue influence exerted over the person when the will was written or incompetence on the part of the person making the will.

Guardianships and conservatorships: When a guardianship or conservatorship is needed, and if courts do get involved, we can ensure that the process is handled properly and the right person is selected to be guardian or conservator.

Trial Skills Forged in Landmark Cases

People sometimes have to be protected from those who are ostensibly protecting them. Our principal, George A. Teitelbaum, has seen this anomaly in practice, and he has successfully fought against it in trial. In the landmark District of Columbia Court of Appeals case in 2002, In Re Mollie Orshansky, Attorney Teitelbaum's efforts resulted in a favorable decision for Mollie Orshansky, who the court and the District of Columbia Adult Protective Services were attempting to force into a D.C. nursing home - against her wishes - away from her family in New York.

In that case, the court decided that there is a hierarchy regarding how a guardian or conservator is chosen, and that, occasionally, seniors must be protected from Adult Protective Services or family members so that the process is done in the elder person's best interests.

The Orshansky case is only one of many cases that Attorney Teitelbaum has successfully taken to trial. Our litigation skills help us to raise the quality of service we provide our clients.

Contact us for estate litigation assistance.

We offer a wide variety of estate and elder law services for clients throughout the District of Columbia and Maryland. For more information, please contact our law office today. Attorney George Teitelbaum also assists clients located out of state that may have legal issues in the District of Columbia and Maryland.


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